Press Coverage

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Revive Reuse has attained press coverage on both TV and Radio. BBC One Show featured us twice in 2018 during articles on reuse and up-cycling. While BBC Radio Leeds and Radio Aire have had us discuss legislation changes and provide advice on reuse and recycling. In the print edition of the Daily Mail we made comment on one of our most interesting donations. This particular donation was further featured in multiple online editions of various other national newspaper.

Promoting Reuse through the Press

We are proud of the work we conduct at Revive Reuse and believe it is important to share the benefits of reuse to a wider audience. Furthermore, profits we generate are distributed to our partner charities, SLATE and St Vincent De Paul. Educating others on the positive social, economic and environmental benefits can inspire a greater number of people to visit our reuse shop and opt to purchase previously loved items over purchasing brand new ones. This is why we hope to continue sharing our progress and achievements with the press.

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