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Revive Reuse CIC is a Social Enterprise, or Community Interest Company, set up in 2010. We work in partnership with Leeds City Council to help achieve their aim of Zero Waste Leeds. All of our profits are shared between our two member charities (SLATE and SVP) to support the work that they do in Leeds and across West Yorkshire.


Our primary aim is to reduce the number of items being sent to landfill, however our full list of objectives are:

.To reduce the number of items sent to landfill.

.To educate our communities about reuse and recycling.

.To provide employment and volunteering opportunities for people within the local communities and for those that may have difficulty in gaining experience in other working environments.

.To work with the Leeds Furniture Reuse Group to alleviate poverty and hardship within Leeds.

.To be financially sustainable, generating a surplus to support the work of our member charities - SLATE and SVP.

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For us, recycling is a last resort. Many of the items that are brought to the household waste recycling sites can actually be reused without any processing. On average, we divert a tonne of 'waste' items at each of our shops every day. On a busy week, between our four stores, we can process over 15,000 items of clothing, 5,000 books, 500 small electrical items as well as hundreds of toys, DVDs and bric-a-brac items such as kitchenware and soft furnishings.

In doing so, we are helping to preserve the environment by reducing landfill and our carbon footprint. Using the Reuse Network Impact Calculator, we estimate that this could reduce carbon emissions created in manufacturing items by over 40,000kg each month or 480 tones per year. To put that in perspective, that's the same as taking an average of 1,500 family cars off the road.


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Reuse Network

Revive Reuse CIC is part of the reuse network. The reuse network aims to tackle the issue of waste and alleviate poverty. You can find out more about the reuse network and its members here.

Leeds City Council

We also work closely with Leeds City Council as both of our Kirkstall and Seacroft stores are based beside Leeds City Council waste sites. As a result, we are able to intercept quality reusable items that would otherwise have been send to landfill.

SLATE and St Vincent De Paul

One of our member charities SLATE, are also apart of the reuse network and use their funds to help those in the local community. They assist in ensuring equal opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. St Vincent De Paul is also one of our member charities, who work locally and across the UK to help alleviate poverty and help those in need. Profits made at Revive reuse stores are distributed equally to our member charities.

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