What items do we accept?

At Revive Reuse shops, we accept a wide variety of donations. As long as they're in good/clean condition, without missing pieces or any major damage, we can usually accept most items. Examples of things we sell regularly are clothing, books, toys, DVDs/CDs, homewares, soft furnishings (cushions, curtains, towels and bedding) and small electrics (TVs, HiFis, kitchen and DIY tools). We also sell furniture, but please check with us before travelling as we can currently only accept small furniture items.

The video below details what we can and cannot accept at Revive Reuse CIC. 

Items we don't accept

Unfortunately there are a few things that we cannot accept for reasons of safety, or because there are laws that require them to have certain certificates. Examples of things that we cannot accept are:

  • Gas appliances
  • White goods (cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines etc)
  • Safety equipment such as child car seats and bike helmets
  • Car batteries
  • Fire places

Finally, we reserve the right to reject:

  • Commercial waste or trade items from clearances (e.g. job lots of mobile phone accessories, house clearances)
  • Donations that include counterfeit items of any type (e.g. clothing, DVDs, CDs, computer software)
  • Pillows, duvets and mattresses with stains or other signs of wear
  • Fire places, tiles, sinks, baths and toilets

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you at one of our shops drop-off points soon.

Drop-off Points

Donations are currently stored in our drop off points. The drop off points are located to the rear/side of our Kirkstall shop and in front of our Seacroft shop.

Please leave your donations inside the containers. The donation containers are open from 10am-5:30pm daily during summer hours and 10am-3:30pm during our winter hours. However, if they become full early in the day, we may not be able to accept any more donations until the next day. Therefore, to avoid disappointment it is better to come earlier. Please help us and other donors by stacking your donations safely. If you are travelling some distance we recommend checking that we are able to accept donations before setting off.

The image features a large metal freight container with bright green signs covering it that reads "Revive @kirkstall", "DROP OFF POINT". This is in a car park.
An open blue freight container with a Revive Reuse staff member, wearing a high-vis jacket, stepping inside. A sign that reads 'Donation Point' is directed at the container.

If you need assistance unloading donations from a vehicle and taking them to drop-off point please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Please note, we are unable to accept large items of furniture that require two people to handle them, or furniture that is upholstered. Our member charities may be able to help with this and you can contact SLATE on 0113 270 4005 or SVP on 0113 245 0800.

If we are unable to accept your donations and you wish to leave them at the recycling site next door, you may need to book an appointment with them in advance. Please visit the Leeds City Council website for details.

Features a crest with three owls surrounding a blue banner. To the right text is displayed that reads "Leeds City Council" in navy blue.

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