Revive Kirklees: New Huddersfield Reuse Shop – Now Open!

A Revive Reuse staff member working on the till behind the shop counter. The counter has a sign displayed that reads "Please Pay Here".



Revive Reuse are pleased to announce that our New Huddersfield Store opened on 14th November 2022. The new Kirklees based shop has the same format as our existing stores in Leeds. This means that a variety of quality, reusable items, that have been intercepted at recycling sites in the area, are available to buy. Heading up the project, Andrew Zbos is excited to have opened the first reuse store of its kind in Huddersfield.

“Having seen the benefits of our Leeds-based stores, it has always frustrated me that there is nothing like this in my hometown. Through our new Kirklees-based venture, we can reduce the number of reusable items being sent to landfill or incineration and make them available to our local communities at affordable prices.”

Andrew Zbos – Revive Reuse Operational Director

Merchandise at our Huddersfield Shop

Like our other shops, we’ll have a wide range of clothing, books, DVDs, homewares, toys, small electrical items and bric-a-brac. Reusable items can be dropped off at the store or at drop off facilities on nearby council recycling sites. Profits generated by the store will be split between our member charities St Vincent De Paul and SLATE. The shop will further help those in need within the local community, by ensuring household items are available at low costs.


As well as making quality reusable items available, the shop will also generate jobs and volunteering opportunities for local people. Please read our post on volunteering to find out about the many benefits it brings.

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