Working at Revive Reuse

A Revive Reuse staff member with a big smile and wearing a black work uniform. Text is displayed that reads "Working at Revive Leeds", in green.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Revive Reuse? Listen to one of our staff members, Lauren, who offers an insight into what its like working for Revive Reuse at one of our branches in Leeds.

Working at Revive Leeds CIC

As an employer we recognise that in the UK, people experiencing mental ill health continue to report
stigma and discrimination at work. Having signed the ‘Charter for Employers Positive about Mental
Health’, we are committed to creating a supportive and open culture, where colleagues feel able to talk
about mental health confidently, and aspire to appropriately support the mental wellbeing of all staff.

A navy blue tick. To the right of the tick reads "Mindful Employer" in capital letters.

Looking to join the Revive Reuse workforce? Learn more about volunteering here.


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