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Image features two arrows, one in green and one in orange. To the right, text is displayed that reads "Revive" in black and underneath that "Reuse" in brown.

Huddersfield Store

Revive Reuse are pleased to announce that our new store in Huddersfield is now open. Based on the same format as our existing stores in Leeds, the new Kirklees based shop will sell a variety of quality, reusable items that have been intercepted at waste recycling sites in the area.

The image features a large train station made of Yorkshire stone in Huddersfield. Various people, with blurred out faces, are entering the station. A carved statue of a man is positioned in front of the station.

Huddersfield Pop-up Shop

We have been involved in the delivery of the Huddersfield University Business Studies degree course where students set up their own business. We won the Furniture Reuse Network Innovative Business of the Year in 2017 for our involvement.

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The image features a white building with many glass window and a green sign above the entrance that reads "Revive Leeds". "Loving your unwanted items...…. Investing in your local community". There is a car park to the left of the building.

Yorkshire Evening Post: Saved From Landfill to Fill New Homes 

In a joint venture, with Leeds City Council, Revive Leeds set up a new re-use shop on the East Leeds household recycling site, designed to catch and divert waste headed for the landfill and re-sell goods for the benefit of the community.

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The image features a wooden coffin with a sign displayed that reads "Revive Leeds. Coffin. £140. SOLD".

Daily Mail: "What a GRAVE find!"

A weird and wondeful item was donated to our Revive Leeds Kirkstall branch that gained large amounts of media attention.

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The image features a clothing rail full of various ladies tops ordered by colour (yellow, red, pink, white). A Revive Reuse staff member is hanging a small pink top back on the rail.

Swarthmore Hit Squad

Revive Reuse has had a long history with Swarthmore College in Leeds. We've hosted a number of short- and long-term placements for their students - all of whom have some form of additional educational need.

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A woman stands in front of two other people in suits and holds a wooden triangular 'Innovative Project of the Year' award.

Awards and Acomplishments

Revive Reuse has gained multiple rewards and recognition over the last 5 years, earning numerous rewards for the work being conducted.

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A person is on a bench reading a newspaper.

Press Coverage

Revive Reuse has attracted some attention on TV and Radio. We were featured on the BBC One Show twice and in the print edition of the Daily Mail and the online editions of various other national newspapers with one of our most interesting donations to date.

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