Huddersfield University Pop-up Shop

The image features a large train station made of Yorkshire stone in Huddersfield. Various people, with blurred out faces, are entering the station. A carved statue of a man is positioned in front of the station.

For a number of years, Revive Reuse has had the honour of being involved in the delivery of the Huddersfield University Business Studies degree course. This took the form of a second year module, where students set up their own business. In 2017 we won the Furniture Reuse Network Innovative Business for our involvement.

University Students Taking Initiative

The students spent a day at our shops, learning about how we operate on a practical level. After an induction and overview, groups of students worked in a variety of different areas. They learnt about how we process donations in terms of sorting what we can sell, setting prices and merchandising. They then took away what they’d learnt and set up their own Pop-Up Revive within the grounds of Huddersfield University. We supported them further with promotional materials such as flyers and banners for their shop. Through collaborating on this project, students have raised thousands of pounds – all of which has gone to support our member charities, SLATE and St Vincent De Paul.

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